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FOS has a unique knowledge of technical expertise and demonstration in car audio. We use brands that has proven us good sound quality to satisfy the customers. We bring sound system to a whole new level. We modify the set up by putting in some lighting, designs etc.. The team at Fos provides you a wide range of car audio solution from OEM style fitting to full custom show car winning sound system set ups. We take the time to understand the customers needs and come up with the best package to fit your needs.

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Enjoy Driving with A Car Audio Systems Upgrade

While driving, listening to music with an upgraded sound system would be relaxing, satisfying, pleasing, sustaining in your ears. Whatever car you drive, upgrading an OEM or a factory stock sound system with our sound system brand would definitely have you dance, rock, sing on your seat. It would be a head turner once someone listens to your upgraded bass.

Many of the cars nowadays with stock sound systems lacks powers and sound quality, and other features as well.

Usually people commonly upgrade their head units or their stock car stereo. Here in FOS we provide several head units including JVC, Alpine, Pioneer and Kenwood. All these head units can provide features that people look for such as FM/AM, CDs, MP3, Bluetooth, Reverse Camera, Navigations etc.. Even if they upgrade their head unit, it only gives a little effect on the quality of the sounds.

Car amplifiers are integral components that provide power and volume to your car tunes, and they play an important part in the character of the music you experience in your car. Without an amplifier, you could never experience high-quality music reproduction in your car. The amplifier that comes in most cars that are OEM / Factory Headunits cannot power upgraded speakers, so a new amp is necessary. This increases the power of the signal coming from the stereo and can split it into the high and low frequencies. It is important for anyone considering installing this kind of set up to be sure that the new components are not a downgrade in quality from the stock components.

Subwoofers are speakers dedicated solely to reproducing low frequencies. No matter what kind of music you like, or how softly or loudly you like to listen, a quality sub can really improve your overall listening experience. Car speakers are small, so they have trouble producing enough low-frequency sound to give your music realism and depth. A subwoofer can make the difference between a good-sounding and a great-sounding system.


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