These “Tron” inspired wheel rings were under wraps while construction, fitment, and durability
 were highly scrutinized by the ORACLE Lighting R&D Team. Designed to fit around the brake rotors 
of your vehicle, the ring illuminates the barrel of the rim with High Grade ORACLE LED Flex Strip. 
If you are looking for a “head turning” auto mod with just enough sophistication and flair,
 then these are perfect for you!

Product Specs: 
- Wheel Ring Diameter: 15.5″ 
- Mounts to brake rotor dust shield 
- Operating Voltage: 12V DC 
- Vibrantly Lights Up Wheel Wells. 
- ORACLE Quality Flex LED Strip. 
- Fits Around Brake Rotor. 
- Can Withstand High Temperatures. 
- Universal Fitment. 
- Mounting Hardware Included. 
- 1 Year Warranty.

Note: Fits up to 15″ Rotor- Be sure to check the diameter of your brake rotor to ensure proper fitment.

Product includes: 
-(4) Aluminum Wheel Rings equipped with Premium ORACLE LEDs 
-(1) ORACLE LED Illuminated Rocker Switch. 
-(12) Aluminum Mounting Brackets (3 Per Ring)


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